Period Tracker

empowering millions with simple tools to improve their health and lifestyle

Features At-a-glance Calendar

  1. View cycle View period start, end, ovulation and user-inputted notes
  2. Track progress View weight, symptoms and other notes across dates and months
  3. Personal Planning Easy to use to plan trips and vacations

Features Symptom tracking

  1. Quick tracking One-touch tracking of various symptoms
  2. Create your own symptoms Add custom symptoms easily
  3. Chart symptoms Chart your symptoms and discover correlations to improve your health

Charting Advanced Charting

  1. Discover trends See how symptoms vary over course of your cycle
  2. Compare multiple symptoms Chart multiple symptoms on same chart
  3. Chart custom symptoms Even chart your own custom symptoms

Features Data share with partner

  1. Invite your partner Send an invite for your partner to view your data
  2. Partner app Partner can use same app to view a special companion mode
  3. Communicate with partner Use in-app chat to send notes to each other

Features Trying to Conceive

  1. Advanced BBT charting Input your basal body temperature and discover your cycle trends
  2. Ovulation detection App uses advanced algorithms to automatically detect ovulation based on your data
  3. Daily tips Turn on TTC mode and daily tips to conceive will be shown on the home page