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Period Logging and Prediction
Period Logging and Prediction
Input period by simply pressing a button at the start of your period every month.

Log period dates to calculate and predict the start date of your next period.

View period history and track future periods dates.
Notes Tracking and At-a-glance Calendar
Notes Tracking and At-a-glance Calendar
Take daily notes of menstrual symptoms including Spotting, Flow, Cramps, Headaches, Backaches, Bloating, Tender Breasts, and Body Aches!

Track your weight, temperature, lifestyle notes and moods (over 30+ moods to choose from!)

View period start, period end, ovulation and inputted notes across dates.

View notes’ trends in Monthly, Yearly and List View Modes.
Health Challenges
Health Challenges
Join and complete a challenge along with other users.
Choose and start a workout improve your health one workout at a time.

Share outcome of completing a challenge or a workout with other users.
Data Share with Partner
Data Share with Partner
Send an invite to your partner to view your data.
Partner can use same app using a special Companion App Mode.

Choose and control which data to share to partner.
Use private messaging to chat and send messages to each other.
Trying to Conceive and Pregnancy Mode
Trying to Conceive and Pregnancy Mode
TTC Mode:
Input your basal body temperature and discover your cycle trends.

Turn ON TTC Mode and Daily Tips to Conceive will appear in home page.

Pregnancy Mode:
Turn on to see articles and week-by-week images.
Activate countdown to baby due date.
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