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Advanced TTC Chart


Our Advanced TTC charts (in Period Tracker for iOS and Android) provide helpful features to help you manage your journey to conceive.

The TTC chart features an easy way to view your temps at glance.  Our app, through advanced algorithms, analyzes each inputted temperature and automatically calculates your probably ovulation date and marks it with a coverline.

Users can change the coverline and input their own ovulation date as well.  Users can also choose which TTC method they are tracking and prefer to use in the app’s settings.


Advanced TTC Mode


Period Tracker (iOS and Android versions) now feature an Advanced TTC Mode.

To activate Advanced TTC mode, go to the app’s settings and turn on TTC mode.  Advanced TTC mode will activate several features within the app to help you track your journey to conceive.

The Add Note page will contain further features, including BBT, OPK, Pregnancy Test and other options for you to track.  Also there’s a quick link to a BBT chart to view your temps and ovulation.


Pregnancy Mode with Articles


Our Pregnancy mode in both our Period Tracker iOS and Android apps has been updated to feature week-by-week articles.

Each week, users can view a illustrated overview of their baby’s development as well as a detailed account of what’s changing in their bodies.

To activate Pregnancy mode, go to the app’s settings and turn on Pregnancy mode.

Apple Health Integration


Our iOS apps (for both Period Tracker Lite and Deluxe) now feature integration with Apple Health.

Just got to the App’s settings and click on the Apple Health option.  You’ll be then shown a screen to ask your permission to access Apple Health and you will be able to choose which data to access and share.


More Inputs for Intimate


We’ve added some helpful features to our main Add Note page where users can add text notes and other info.  In the intimate section, users can now add further details.  However, the details are hidden until the user turns on the feature and inputs information, so that only additional info is available if the user requires it.  For some users who prefer to remove the intimate features, our settings feature an abstinence mode that removes all intimate features.


A New Look for Our Log and Charts


We’ve made several changes to our Log and Charts tab in both our iOS and Android apps.  First, we’ve simplified the tab to include Period Log as one of the top tabs on the screen.  The charts also have been redesigned to be viewed in portrait mode (previously they were landscape only).  This allows our users to view charts quicker and easier.  We’ve also have some neat features like viewing just your moods for the past week, past 2 weeks or past month.

Sleeker Calendar Design


Our calendar in both our Period Tracker iOS and Android apps now feature a more sleek, modern and cleaner look.

We’ve changed out the triangles in the right corner of period days and replaced them with different color bars, depending on the user’s flow.  We’ve also updated various icons on the calendar page to help users find more info at a glance.