Period Tracker FAQ

On data privacy and Roe v Wade

I can’t find my account.

How do I restore my backup data to my phone?

My period/fertility predictions are all wrong.

How do I transfer my data from my old phone to my new one?

I’m changing from an Android to an iPhone (or vice versa), do I need to pay for the Deluxe app again?

Does Period Tracker sell or share my data with any third parties?

How do I add a intimacy, flow, or spotting icon to my calendar?

I entered the wrong period date.

How do I delete all of the past information from my app?

How do I add a pregnancy?

I used the wrong email address when setting up my account. How do I fix it?

My Android widget is not working. What do I do?

I emailed myself my backup. How do I restore from it?

I saved my backup to my Android’s SD card. How do I restore from it?