Period Tracker Support Videos


  1. Enter a Passed Period Start Date
  2. Enter a Passed Period End Date
  3. Edit a Period Start Date
  4. Edit a Period End Date
  5. Change Your Default Ovulation
  6. Fix Calendar’s Date
  7. Demo Video


  1. Add an Intimacy Note
  2. Add Spotting and/or Flow Notes
  3. Hide/Show Symptoms and Moods
  4. Input a Past Pregnancy After You’ve Delivered
  5. Display Cycle Days on Your Calendar
  6. How to Edit Passed Notes
  7. How to Delete a Note


  1. Export Your Data from Lite to Deluxe
  2. Backup Your Data
  3. Restore your Data From Your Backup Email (iOS 4.0+)
  4. Restore your Data From Your Backup Email (iOS 3.0)
  5. Reset your App (Delete All Past Data)
  6. Email Export Notes
  7. I Forgot My Passcode
  8. Restore Data Without a Backup

Crash Issues:

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