On Data Privacy

In recent weeks we’ve received some email inquiries from users concerned about possible changes in laws (ie., Roe vs Wade) and what that might mean for their data privacy.

We want to assure our users that we are adamantly opposed to government overreach and we believe that a hypothetical situation where the government subpoenas private user data from health apps to convict people for having an abortion is a gross human rights violation. In such a scenario, we will do all we can to protect our users from such an act. We would rather close down the company than be accomplice to this type of government overreach and privacy violation.

Please see our Privacy Policy here, https://gpapps.com/support/privacy-policy/ .

Please note users can use Period Tracker without a Period Tracker online account and the data will be stored only locally on the user’s device.  If the user wants access to Period Tracker’s online backup feature then the user needs to sign up for an account for automatic regular backing up of data to a secure server.

Introducing our new app, Resist

For the past ten years our team at GP Apps has been hard at work to empower our users to achieve their health goals.  Today we’re excited to announce our new sustainable weight management system, called Resist™.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to reach and maintain an ideal and healthy weight.  Somehow people everywhere have become more busy and more pre-occupied.  As a result, most of us cook less at home and don’t spend enough time exercising. The result is we get into a lifestyle where we don’t make the best food choices and our body responds by adding extra weight.  What makes things even worse is when we age, our metabolism slows and it makes it even more difficult to keep an ideal weight.  The choices we make impact how we live tomorrow, what kind of lives we will have, and how we will be there for our loved ones, children, and friends.

Overweightness has become a global epidemic and is directly related to a host of ailments and diseases that threaten to steal our livelihood, relationships and quality of life.  Eating right and getting to a healthy weight is important because it’s about taking back our life from the ailments that threaten to consume our lives.  Some people need a wake-up call to realize this.  But sometimes when the wake-up call comes, it’s too late.  That’s why it’s crucial, if at all possible, to seize the moment today and take back our lives from the path of ailment and disease and put it on the path of health and vitality.

We know the journey to health and wellness for many won’t be an easy one.  That’s why we’re committed to providing the most comprehensive and effective weight loss and management system possible.

To begin with, the Resist™ system provides step-by-step guidance with tips, articles and in-depth courses.  Our resources provide the information and motivation many people need for success.

The Resist™ system provides comprehensive food tracking tools to show macros (carbs, fat, protein) and nutrition for all meals and foods inputted.  We took many of the things people love about our Period Tracker app – simple design, intuitive functions, and useful tools – and applied it to our new app.

Further, we’ve developed the Resist™ Community which is a safe place for people to ask questions, get meal ideas and find friends in the journey.

To tie things together, the Resist™ system uses a low-carb/high-fat approach, which we believe taps into the body’s natural slimming down mode called ketosis.  It can be an ideal way to lose weight without damaging your body’s metabolism.

Here’s a summary of what we believe, called the Resist™ Manifesto.

1) Overweightness and obesity is an epidemic stealing health and quality of life from millions around the world.

2) We will help people to take back their health and progress toward a healthy and sustainable weight.

3) It’s not just about losing weight but more importantly keeping it off.

4) We encourage a healthy weight, not an unhealthy infatuation with looking deathly slim.

5) People deserve the best tools to help them reach their ideal weight.

6) Community support and celebration can help make the journey to a sustainable and healthy weight easier.

7) Severe calorie deprivation through traditional diets can damage the body’s metabolism and make regaining all lost weight later inevitable.

8) The body has a natural slimming down mode called ketosis, by which it burns fat as fuel and can be an ideal way to lose weight without damaging the body’s metabolism.

9) Ketosis is a tool to be used to reach one’s goal of a healthy and sustainable weight, but shouldn’t be used for everyone in every situation.

10) We encourage those who’ve reached and are sustaining their ideal weight through Resis™t to give back to others trying.  This is how we’re changing the world.

Our Resist™ iOS app is scheduled to launch on January 15, 2019.  Our Android version is planned for a March 15, 2019 release.

We can’t wait for you to try it out and join us in this epic journey to health, wellness and vitality.

Period Tracker Patron

We’re excited to launch the Period Tracker Patron Program inside Period Tracker on iOS. Android coming soon. We’ve added some special features to help our patrons see more of their health at a glance to help them make informed choices on their health. And we’re currently hard at work adding more features that we think you’ll love.

To help clear up any confusion on what’s offered to our Patrons vs users of Period Tracker Deluxe, we’ve made this simple table below.

Patron subscription will only be available to Period Tracker users, not Deluxe users. If you are currently a Deluxe user and would like to become a part of the Patron program, please download Period Tracker by GP Apps in the iOS AppStore and transfer your data to it and then subscribe.

Thank you in advance for your support of our mission to empower women to improve their health and lives.



TTC Chart

Our TTC charts (in Period Tracker for iOS and Android) provide helpful features to help you manage your journey to conceive.

The TTC chart features an easy way to view your temps at glance.  Our app, through advanced algorithms, analyzes each inputted temperature and automatically calculates your probably ovulation date and marks it with a coverline.

Users can change the coverline and input their own ovulation date as well.  Users can also choose which TTC method they are tracking and prefer to use in the app’s settings.

TTC Mode

Period Tracker (iOS and Android versions) now feature an TTC Mode.

To activate TTC mode, go to the app’s settings and turn on TTC mode.  Advanced TTC mode will activate several features within the app to help you track your journey to conceive.

The Add Note page will contain further features, including BBT, OPK, Pregnancy Test and other options for you to track.  Also there’s a quick link to a BBT chart to view your temps and ovulation.


Pregnancy Mode with Articles

Our Pregnancy mode in both our Period Tracker iOS and Android apps has been updated to feature week-by-week articles.

Each week, users can view a illustrated overview of their baby’s development as well as a detailed account of what’s changing in their bodies.

To activate Pregnancy mode, go to the app’s settings and turn on Pregnancy mode.

Apple Health Integration

Our iOS apps (for both Period Tracker Lite and Deluxe) now feature integration with Apple Health.

Just got to the App’s settings and click on the Apple Health option.  You’ll be then shown a screen to ask your permission to access Apple Health and you will be able to choose which data to access and share.


More Inputs for Intimate

We’ve added some helpful features to our main Add Note page where users can add text notes and other info.  In the intimate section, users can now add further details.  However, the details are hidden until the user turns on the feature and inputs information, so that only additional info is available if the user requires it.  For some users who prefer to remove the intimate features, our settings feature an abstinence mode that removes all intimate features.


A New Look for Our Log and Charts

We’ve made several changes to our Log and Charts tab in both our iOS and Android apps.  First, we’ve simplified the tab to include Period Log as one of the top tabs on the screen.  The charts also have been redesigned to be viewed in portrait mode (previously they were landscape only).  This allows our users to view charts quicker and easier.  We’ve also have some neat features like viewing just your moods for the past week, past 2 weeks or past month.

Sleeker Calendar Design

Our calendar in both our Period Tracker iOS and Android apps now feature a more sleek, modern and cleaner look.

We’ve changed out the triangles in the right corner of period days and replaced them with different color bars, depending on the user’s flow.  We’ve also updated various icons on the calendar page to help users find more info at a glance.