Go Steve Jobs

It’s cool when the CEO of a $200 billion company unexpectedly replies.


Yes! My iPad pulls through! So I tried earlier to copy a picture that I had in my Pages doc and that would not paste into my email, therefore did not show up on my blog entry. But this time I tried copy pasting from my iPhoto library and whala, please enjoy my picture of […]

The Touch Interface Computer

We’ve been developing for the iPhone for about a year and a half now and it’s only now, after the iPad, that I begin to ask the question, what is touch computing and where will it take us? I wonder what we all would have thought if it was the iPad that came out first […]

iPad: The Dawn of a New Era (Part II)

Now that we’ve had a few days to digest the iPad announcement, I wanted to follow up with more thoughts on the significance of the iPad. 1.  The iPad is the beginning of the era of touch computing going mainstream. The iPhone brought us an amazing and revolutionary way to interact with a mobile device. […]

iPad: The Dawn of a New Era (Part 1)

After weeks of pondering and discussing with our team about what the “Apple Tablet” might be, today Apple announced the iPad.  It’s not what we expected.  But after spending the whole day discussing it, I think the iPad just might be the dawn of a new era. To understand the significance of today’s announcement, we […]