Period Tracker Patron

We’re excited to launch the Period Tracker Patron Program inside Period Tracker on iOS. Android coming soon. We’ve added some special features to help our patrons see more of their health at a glance to help them make informed choices on their health. And we’re currently hard at work adding more features that we think you’ll love.

To help clear up any confusion on what’s offered to our Patrons vs users of Period Tracker Deluxe, we’ve made this simple table below.

Patron subscription will only be available to Period Tracker users, not Deluxe users. If you are currently a Deluxe user and would like to become a part of the Patron program, please download Period Tracker by GP Apps in the iOS AppStore and transfer your data to it and then subscribe.

Thank you in advance for your support of our mission to empower women to improve their health and lives.



Crash bug with iOS 7

We discovered a crash issue that seems to have affected a small number of our users on iOS7. This crash happens for some users who have installed iOS 7 and who have set their device Block Cookies Setting to “Always”.   When some of these users try to either launch their app or log in to a backup account, their app crashes.

If you have been affected by this issue, please do not delete your app as this will cause you to lose your data. You can either wait for our update version 9.1 that will fix the crash and allow you to open your app or do the following to immediately stop your app from crashing.
1. Go to your main device’s Settings/Safari/Block Cookies.
2. If your Block Cookie setting is set to “Always”, please change the setting to either “From third parties and advertisers” or to “Never”.
3. Force quit P Tracker. (You can do this by double-clicking the home button. Then when you see the P Tracker screen, swipe that screen up.
4. Open the app and log in to your backup account.

We are currently completing work on version 9.1 that contains the fix and hope to upload it tomorrow. Apple usually takes between 3-7 days to review the app and the update should be available after that time. Once you download the update, you can set your Block Cookie setting back to “Always” if desired.

Thank you for your patience. We’re so sorry for this inconvenience.

Period Tracker Deluxe v8.8.1 for iPhone – Symptom, Mood, Pill Icons in your Calendar

We just released v8.8.1 for Period Tracker Deluxe on the iPhone. This update fixes an issue that occurred in v8.8 where some users who were updating from a previous version were being shown a log in page. If you encountered this issue in v8.8, download v8.8.1 to fix this issue, or you can read my previous post for instructions on how to get past the login screen.

In addition to the bug fix, v8.8.1 also adds the same improvements from v8.8 to the Calendar page. We noticed that many of our users seemed to enjoy the “intimacy” and “flow/spotting” calendar icons on their month-view calendar. So we decided to expand on this functionality by showing symptom, mood, and pill icons on the month-view calendar as well.

So now, if you enter any symptom, mood, or pill note, the corresponding icon will show on that day’s calendar note section. Then when you click on any of the icons, you will see that icon appear on the month-view calendar on each day that same note has been entered. You can even scroll back to past months to see when else you entered that same note. We hope this feature will be helpful to our users.

In addition to this feature, v8.8.1 also adds improvements to our Social section by adding larger profile pictures in Social. Just tap on a profile icon in public profile page to enlarge the view.

We hope you enjoy this update and if you have any questions or thoughts, please email us at

Period Tracker Deluxe Update for iPhone (v8.8) – Getting Past the Log In Screen

We released our latest update for Period Tracker Deluxe v8.8 on the iPhone. It is a major update that adds calendar icons for symptoms, moods, and pills.

After updating, users who are not already signed in to a backup account will a screen that asks you to create or log in to an account. When you see this page, please be assured that your data is safe inside your app.

When you see this page, you can do one of three things to get into your app:
1. Press “Skip this step”. This will take you into the app and you will see that all of your data is safe.
2. Create a new account. After creating your account, you will be taken into the app. Your app will also then begin doing auto-backups of your data.
3. Log in to an existing account. After you log in, please DO NOT restore from an old backup as this will overwrite the data that’s currently in your app. Press “done” instead to be taken into your app.

* Note: If you were doing emailed backups, you will not be able to log in as you do not have an account with us. Please either press “skip this step” or create a new account with us to get past this page.

If you have any issues or questions, please email us at

New Update for iPhone Period Tracker Deluxe (v8.6.3)

This update adds the following improvements to PTracker Social:
– Tip and survey responses to your posts now automatically appears in your following tab.
– Adds ability to follow responses to tip/survey question.
– Adds comment section for reporting abuse.
– Adds ability to view someone’s past posts in her profile pages.
– Fixes issue of error message popping up when re-entering the app.
– Fixes issue of slow Social tab loading.

Note: after releasing this update we discovered there is a bug that might show your period on you calendar as lasting until you next cycle if no period end date was selected for the previous month.  We will upload a update to fix this ASAP.

Changing your iPhone into Dark Mode

Some of our iPhone Deluxe users have asked for a dark mode to lessen eye discomfort while reading their Social tab at night. Here’s a quick trick to invert the colors on your iPhone whenever you triple click the home button that does the trick!

  1. Go to your main iPhone Settings
  2. Click the General icon
  3. Click on Accessibility
  4. Select Triple-click Home
  5. Select Invert Colors

Whenever you want your whites and blacks to be inverted, click your home button three times fast. Here’s a screenshot of what your social tab will look like in this mode. One warning, the profile pics might look weird in this mode, but hopefully the easier to read text will make up for this. 🙂


WordPress App on the iPad

I am trying out the WordPress app on the iPad. It’s pretty cool. So far, I have successfully edited an already published post (something I could not do online using my iPad), viewed comments, and generally had a better feeling of connection to our blogsite through it. And now, I am publishing my first post on it. Cheers!

How to Post a PDF as an Image onto Your Blog from an iPad

So after much experimentation, here’s the best solution that I’ve come up with so far. If there’s a better way, please share the wealth.If the image is in the facing the correct direction, meaning it is not I landscape but in portrait, you’re in luck!
1. Save your image to your iPad’s photo library by taking a screenshot. (hit home and on buttons at the same time)
2. Copy the image from your photo library.
3. Post it to your blog by pasting.

If your image is not facing correctly, like it’s in landscape, beware, your image will post sideways to your blog post or your Facebook wall or wherever. Here’s what you can do:
1. Save your image to your photo library.
2. Copy/paste your image to your Pages app.
3. Two-finger adjust your image until it is facing up/down in portrait mode.
4. Take a screenshot in portrait mode. ( I know, painful.)
5. Copy/ paste that onto your blog.


Yes! My iPad pulls through! So I tried earlier to copy a picture that I had in my Pages doc and that would not paste into my email, therefore did not show up on my blog entry.

But this time I tried copy pasting from my iPhoto library and whala, please enjoy my picture of our cute little doggy. This is of course when he was a little 8 week old puppy. He is now a whopping 1 year old.  And that old carrot of his has seen some difficult times since then.

The Touch Interface Computer

We’ve been developing for the iPhone for about a year and a half now and it’s only now, after the iPad, that I begin to ask the question, what is touch computing and where will it take us? I wonder what we all would have thought if it was the iPad that came out first and then the iPhone and iPod Touch. Would we so easily pass by this remarkable device with the same carelessness that seems so prevalent? Have we gotten so used to the iPhone and the iPod Touch that we can look at it and say, “Man, it’s just a big iPod Touch.” Or can we take ourselves back to the innocence of 3 years ago and say, “Wow, what is this thing?”

It’s hard to tell. I feels like the temptation for many developers and onlookers is to build a bridge between what computers had been and what this touch interface computer is now. The computer of the past had such and such, and the iPad doesn’t so that’s what we need to build. The computer of the past had a data management system, or the computer of the past had tabbed browsing, or the computer of the past had background processing. And I’m not going to lie, I’d like all of those things on my iPad too. But I think the more important question to be asking is, what does touch interface computing and a truly mobile computer mean for the future?