Period Tracker Deluxe v8.8.1 for iPhone – Symptom, Mood, Pill Icons in your Calendar

We just released v8.8.1 for Period Tracker Deluxe on the iPhone. This update fixes an issue that occurred in v8.8 where some users who were updating from a previous version were being shown a log in page. If you encountered this issue in v8.8, download v8.8.1 to fix this issue, or you can read my previous post for instructions on how to get past the login screen.

In addition to the bug fix, v8.8.1 also adds the same improvements from v8.8 to the Calendar page. We noticed that many of our users seemed to enjoy the “intimacy” and “flow/spotting” calendar icons on their month-view calendar. So we decided to expand on this functionality by showing symptom, mood, and pill icons on the month-view calendar as well.

So now, if you enter any symptom, mood, or pill note, the corresponding icon will show on that day’s calendar note section. Then when you click on any of the icons, you will see that icon appear on the month-view calendar on each day that same note has been entered. You can even scroll back to past months to see when else you entered that same note. We hope this feature will be helpful to our users.

In addition to this feature, v8.8.1 also adds improvements to our Social section by adding larger profile pictures in Social. Just tap on a profile icon in public profile page to enlarge the view.

We hope you enjoy this update and if you have any questions or thoughts, please email us at