How to Post a PDF as an Image onto Your Blog from an iPad

So after much experimentation, here’s the best solution that I’ve come up with so far. If there’s a better way, please share the wealth.If the image is in the facing the correct direction, meaning it is not I landscape but in portrait, you’re in luck!
1. Save your image to your iPad’s photo library by taking a screenshot. (hit home and on buttons at the same time)
2. Copy the image from your photo library.
3. Post it to your blog by pasting.

If your image is not facing correctly, like it’s in landscape, beware, your image will post sideways to your blog post or your Facebook wall or wherever. Here’s what you can do:
1. Save your image to your photo library.
2. Copy/paste your image to your Pages app.
3. Two-finger adjust your image until it is facing up/down in portrait mode.
4. Take a screenshot in portrait mode. ( I know, painful.)
5. Copy/ paste that onto your blog.

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