Simple game programming

I came across a couple interesting sites this morning that allow for simple game programming.

The first one is the Akihabara html5 game engine. It allows people to make simple games from html5 and javascript, so the games will be compatible to play on basically everything – all internet browsers, iphone/ipad, other phones, etc.

The second one is Scratch programming for kids. It was developed to teach kids programming by helping them make simple animated stories and games. The Scratch programming PDF guide is pretty cool. However, Scratch was removed from the AppStore because it’s not a native language app.

Organic Ideas

Paul Graham (Y Combinator) wrote a helpful post on organic ideas for startups.  He says, “There are two types of startup ideas: those that grow organically out of your own life, and those that you decide, from afar, are going to be necessary to some class of users other than you.”  And, “So if you want to start a startup and don’t know yet what you’re going to do, I’d encourage you to focus initially on organic ideas. What’s missing or broken in your daily life? Sometimes if you just ask that question you’ll get immediate answers.”

Updated: comments on Hacker News about this article

Mac vs iPad/iPhone

Yesterday, Apple updated the Macbook Pro line of notebooks (with some pretty cool upgrades) but the frontpage of apple.com continued to show an iPad as it’s main feature.  Marco Arment has an interesting take on what’s going on and why he’s happy about it.