Period Tracker Patron

We’re excited to launch the Period Tracker Patron Program inside Period Tracker on iOS. Android coming soon. We’ve added some special features to help our patrons see more of their health at a glance to help them make informed choices on their health. And we’re currently hard at work adding more features that we think you’ll love.

To help clear up any confusion on what’s offered to our Patrons vs users of Period Tracker Deluxe, we’ve made this simple table below.

Patron subscription will only be available to Period Tracker users, not Deluxe users. If you are currently a Deluxe user and would like to become a part of the Patron program, please download Period Tracker by GP Apps in the iOS AppStore and transfer your data to it and then subscribe.

Thank you in advance for your support of our mission to empower women to improve their health and lives.