Interesting post by Steve Blank (author of Four Steps to the Epiphany) on “pivoting”:–-p… He notes: “As a founder, you need to prepare yourself to think creatively and independently because more often than not, conditions on the ground will change so rapidly that your original well-thought-out business model will quickly become irrelevant.” And, “most […]

WordPress App on the iPad

I am trying out the WordPress app on the iPad. It’s pretty cool. So far, I have successfully edited an already published post (something I could not do online using my iPad), viewed comments, and generally had a better feeling of connection to our blogsite through it. And now, I am publishing my first post […]

iPad slowly replacing laptop

I like reading stories of how iPad users are taking to their new devices.

How to Post a PDF as an Image onto Your Blog from an iPad

So after much experimentation, here’s the best solution that I’ve come up with so far. If there’s a better way, please share the wealth.If the image is in the facing the correct direction, meaning it is not I landscape but in portrait, you’re in luck! 1. Save your image to your iPad’s photo library by […]

Touch on iPad Safari

It seems that some of the websites aren’t touch ready. The scrolling doesn’t work for some or sometimes clicking to edit an entry. That is an addition to sites that won’t work because they are flash supported.


Didn’t know Microsoft grew so much in the past 10 years.  They were probably more focused on enterprise products and weren’t noticed as much as Apple and Google. source link


Other than my programming tasks, all of the tasks that I normally do in my laptop, I can do now using my iPad. I can surf the web, read email, play games, read books, etc… Computing is so much fun with the touch interaction. The user interface is beautiful and functional. I can only wish […]

Go Steve Jobs

It’s cool when the CEO of a $200 billion company unexpectedly replies.


Yes! My iPad pulls through! So I tried earlier to copy a picture that I had in my Pages doc and that would not paste into my email, therefore did not show up on my blog entry. But this time I tried copy pasting from my iPhoto library and whala, please enjoy my picture of […]