Windows App New Year’s Bug

Update: We’ve uploaded a new build on Jan 1 8:00pm PST that fixes the calendar bug.  Windows Phone store will release the update after they’ve reviewed it (hopefully within a week).  We’ve requested an expedited review. Period Tracker on Windows phone has a bug that occurred with the start of the new year. With this […]

Crash bug with iOS 7

We discovered a crash issue that seems to have affected a small number of our users on iOS7. This crash happens for some users who have installed iOS 7 and who have set their device Block Cookies Setting to “Always”.   When some of these users try to either launch their app or log in to […]

Period Tracker Deluxe v8.8.1 for iPhone – Symptom, Mood, Pill Icons in your Calendar

We just released v8.8.1 for Period Tracker Deluxe on the iPhone. This update fixes an issue that occurred in v8.8 where some users who were updating from a previous version were being shown a log in page. If you encountered this issue in v8.8, download v8.8.1 to fix this issue, or you can read my […]

Period Tracker Deluxe Update for iPhone (v8.8) – Getting Past the Log In Screen

We released our latest update for Period Tracker Deluxe v8.8 on the iPhone. It is a major update that adds calendar icons for symptoms, moods, and pills. After updating, users who are not already signed in to a backup account will a screen that asks you to create or log in to an account. When […]

New Update for iPhone Period Tracker Deluxe (v8.6.3)

This update adds the following improvements to PTracker Social:– Tip and survey responses to your posts now automatically appears in your following tab.– Adds ability to follow responses to tip/survey question.– Adds comment section for reporting abuse.– Adds ability to view someone’s past posts in her profile pages.– Fixes issue of error message popping up […]

Changing your iPhone into Dark Mode

Some of our iPhone Deluxe users have asked for a dark mode to lessen eye discomfort while reading their Social tab at night. Here’s a quick trick to invert the colors on your iPhone whenever you triple click the home button that does the trick! Go to your main iPhone Settings Click the General icon Click […]

Windows Phone Period Tracker Calendar Bug

Update: Period Tracker v 1.2 that fixes the hidden calendar issue is now available in the Windows Phone Store. If you were affected by this issue, please do not delete your app but go to the Windows Phone Store and download the latest update. This will fix the issue while preserving all of your past […]

Period Tracker Deluxe (iOS) 8.4 update uploaded and waiting for approval

This past week we uploaded a 8.4 update for Period Tracker Deluxe (iOS). In this update we’ve added support for the iPhone 5 screen resolution (taller screen). We’ve also made several social improvements like adding a vote down button and adding the ability to add links to other posts in your post. We also fixed […]

8.3 update for Period Tracker Deluxe (iOS) almost ready for upload

We’re at work on an 8.3 update that will remove the add note confirmation page and allow users to hide the social tab. Sorry for the inconvenience. We’re planning to upload the update by 8/21 and receive approval from Apple about a 7-10 days after that.

Period Tracker Deluxe (8.2 social update)

We just released and update to Period Tracker Deluxe (iOS, version 8.2) with a social feature where users can post questions, tips, and chat with each other. Our hope and goal with Period Tracker Social is to allow our users a place where we can really help each other, have fun and make new friends. […]