Period Tracker Deluxe (8.2 social update)

We just released and update to Period Tracker Deluxe (iOS, version 8.2) with a social feature where users can post questions, tips, and chat with each other. Our hope and goal with Period Tracker Social is to allow our users a place where we can really help each other, have fun and make new friends.

We’d like to spend some time to address some questions and concerns you may have about our latest Social update.

1. Crashes:
8/10/12 10am update – We discovered the reason for some users experiences crashing at app launch. It appears to affect users who have the Companion mode enabled (Setting/Data/Companion). Companion mode (although not supported anymore) uses a google api that has been deprecated by Google and appears to no longer work. We have uploaded a 8.2.1 version and it is now waiting for Apple review. We have submitted an expedited review request and hope to have the update approved soon.
8/10/12 5pm update – 8.2.1 (iOS Deluxe) was just approved by Apple and fixes the crash bug.

2. Privacy: We’ve received some complaints about the Add Note confirmation page that shows relevant posts from other users. We are simply showing some of the latest posts from the symptoms you marked for that day. We are not uploading or sharing any of your private data. To users who find this page annoying, we are looking into adding the option to remove this page in a future update.

3. Embarrassment Factor: Some of you might be embarrassed by the idea of having a social feature inside Period Tracker. However, most of the groups and conversations inside social are centered around asking questions and sharing tips about our health, symptoms, and goals. For example, we learned a great tip about losing weight from a user who says she lost 17 pounds in a month from drinking a blended tomatoes before every meal. In addition to this, there are also groups just to have fun and get to know other users better. And of course there are groups to help each other and share stories on how to overcome health-related issues and even try to conceive.

4. Safety: Some of you may have concerns over the quality of the posts in the social section, maybe for younger eyes or even for ourselves. This is a huge priority for us. We are actively moderating the posts but are also looking for moderators to help keep spammers and inappropriate/negative behavior and comments out. To apply to be a moderator, please go to any group and press the settings button.

If you have any other thoughts or questions, please contact us. We are actively working on Period Tracker Social to be a place where we give value to each other, encourage each other, and help each other.