Announcing Period Tracker for Windows Phone

We’re excited to announce the release of Period Tracker for Windows Phone. Our app has been completely redesigned to match the Metro design feel, and we think women with Windows Phone will love it. We occasionally get emails asking us how to transfer data when moving phones. Just make sure you’ve registered for an online […]

Next major version of Period Tracker coming soon to iOS

We’ve been busy at work developing social features to Period Tracker that we will include in our next update. The vision of Period Tracker has always been about helping people. The first version of Period Tracker back in 2008 was about helping women simply track their cycles so they can know they bodies and patterns […]

Period Tracker HD for iPad

Period Tracker HD for iPad is now available on the iPad ($1.99). We’ve redesigned the app specifically to take advantage of the bigger iPad screen. One of our favorite features is that you can see your calendar and notes page all on the same page.  Taking notes is so much easier, and typing notes is […]

iPad 2 – March 11

Our team is excited to get our hands on the new iPad 2.  It’s amazing that in less than a year Apple has shrunk the thickness by 33%.  And we can’t wait to see the Smart Covers in action.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’d like to wish all our users a Happy Thanksgiving from the team here at GP Apps.

Real-time app download wall at WWDC

From Mona and Lino at WWDC: We want to share this photos we took this afternoon. It is about the visualization of the 50,000 most popular apps in App Store displayed on 30-synchronized 24-inch LED Cinema displays. The app falls when downloaded as being signified by the falling images. We were happy to see Period […]

First Keynote Experience

It is my first time to attend an International Developer’s Conference and I must say the first day was more than what I expected. The highlight for WWDC 2010’s first day was the Keynote presented of course by Steve Jobs.  Knowing its importance, Lino and I lined up 2 hours before the event and luckily […]

iPhone 4: Is it a Gamer Changer?

Today Steve Jobs announced the latest and greatest, iPhone 4.  He mentioned that they’ve been working on this for 18 months, and it shows.  The new iPhone is 24% slimmer than the 3g/3gs model and it’s faster, better battery life, better camera, better screen… basically better everything.  He also announced FaceTime, which allows video calls […]

iPad Nano and iPad Pro

At the All Things D conference, there were two interesting tablet demos. One was the Dell Streak which is a 5″ Android Tablet with 3g/wifi. It’s pretty much a big phone. Then there was the Kno tablet device, which is two 14″ tablets stuck together to simulate textbooks. It’s actually quite impressive. After watching these […]