iPad Nano and iPad Pro

At the All Things D conference, there were two interesting tablet demos. One was the Dell Streak which is a 5″ Android Tablet with 3g/wifi. It’s pretty much a big phone. Then there was the Kno tablet device, which is two 14″ tablets stuck together to simulate textbooks. It’s actually quite impressive. After watching these two demos, I’m starting to see there could be a market for a bigger iPad and a smaller iPad. I’m sure Apple has/is/was considering it. I’d like to see a 7″ iPad targeted more for readers at a lower price point than the current 10″ iPad. If they could get a 7″ iPad out for $349, that’d be great. Then, also I think there’s a market for a bigger iPad, the iPad Pro. This could be a 13″ or 14″ iPad. I think this would overlap with the notebook market, and I think could do very well as more and more iPad apps show the power of the iPhone OS platform.

Kno video demo

Dell Streak demo

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