On Data Privacy

In recent weeks we’ve received some email inquiries from users concerned about possible changes in laws (ie., Roe vs Wade) and what that might mean for their data privacy.

We want to assure our users that we are adamantly opposed to government overreach and we believe that a hypothetical situation where the government subpoenas private user data from health apps to convict people for having an abortion is a gross human rights violation. In such a scenario, we will do all we can to protect our users from such an act. We would rather close down the company than be accomplice to this type of government overreach and privacy violation.

Please see our Privacy Policy here, https://gpapps.com/support/privacy-policy/ .

Please note users can use Period Tracker without a Period Tracker online account and the data will be stored only locally on the user’s device.  If the user wants access to Period Tracker’s online backup feature then the user needs to sign up for an account for automatic regular backing up of data to a secure server.