Verizon iPhone

I can’t wait till Verizon gets the iPhone. My guess is that Apple will announce something at WWDC on June 7. Now that everybody has seen the next iPhone, they probably have some other news, including the Verizon announcement, to share. But there’s always the chance that they don’t have things lined up with Verizon yet and something is announced later on in the year. But it makes sense that they launch the new iPhone with a bang, and announce it together with a Verizon iPhone.

When the iPhone goes to Verizon, I’m expecting lots of people to switch from AT&T to Verizon (including myself). I get such poor reception at our house that my iPhone at home is basically just an ipod touch. My Dad who’s on Verizon might switch to an iPhone if Verizon gets it. I just met with a friend who’s telling his 4 year old daughter that he’s going to ditch his Blackberry and get an iPhone when Verizon gets it (he gets no reception at home with AT&T, so he’s forced to go with Verizon). And I think there’s a lot of people just waiting to get a Verizon iPhone.

Come to think about it, why shouldn’t the iPhone be on Tmobile and Sprint as well? I say the more the merrier. Give customers a choice of whatever phone carrier they want.

Also, I know Apple doesn’t want to fragment the iPhone market, but I think it’ll be a good move if Apple comes out with different versions of the iPhone, just like they have different versions of the iPod. Maybe an iPhone Nano. And the regular iPhone with colors. There’s just so many Android phones coming out, Apple needs to give the customers more choices.

Here’s my guess on what the next iPhone will be:
iPhone HD
double screen resolution, 640×960 (best screen on mobile phone ever)
better battery life
better reception due glass-like backing
720p HD video recording
5 megapixel camera with flash
front-facing camera with iChat app for video conferencing
AT&T version available mid to late June
Verizon version available in August-September timeframe

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