Hope it’s not true

Arghh.  I hope it’s not true, but blogs are reporting that Apple originally agreed to iphone exclusivity with AT&T until 2012.  AppleInsider Article. Please, tell me it’s not true.  I can’t imagine what Apple must have been thinking to agree to a 5 year exclusive deal with AT&T.  Did they not know of AT&T poor network, poor reception, and dropped calls?  Argghh.  I’m on AT&T solely because of the iPhone, and I’m waiting, waiting, waiting for Verizon to get the iPhone.  I can’t get decent reception at my house.  I bought a $200 gadget that is supposed to boost cell reception inside, but it doesn’t work.

Let me continue my ranting.  5 years!!!  1 year would have been ok.  2 years maybe.  But 5 years! With such a poor network.  Arghh.

Another Article points to the pent up demand for the iPhone among Verizon customers.  People are waiting, waiting, waiting.  But can they really wait for 2 more years?

So, this all leads me to the hope.  The hope that maybe Apple renegotiated the 5 year exclusive deal with AT&T, and somehow miraculously it all ends this summer and Verizon gets the new iPhone HD.  Maybe Verizon will allow tethering on the iPhone as well.  I really hope that Steve Jobs announced a Verizon date at WWDC, July 7th.

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  1. We can all agree that the Iphone is a step forward in cell phone technology. It is apparent that apple makes quality products and wants to be the best. Yet according to you Apple decided to use an infearior cell phone company. Does that make any sense. AT&T as a company has been around for over 100 years, don’t you think they are doing something right?

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